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Creativity & Flow

Did you know that when in flow you are 500% more productive? This is crazy! Productivity flow is a state of mind when creativity peaks, focus sharpens, and you get more done. In this workshop we explore the concepts of creativity and flow, defining, accessing, and putting them into practice. Waves

  • What is flow?
  • Flow for productivity and creativity.
  • How do we get into a flow state?
  • Flow in a group
  • Understanding through experience

Emotional Intelligence

Anger, fear, joy, motivation. We all know what these words are but somehow, we experience them differently. This workshop invites us to take a look at how we deal with emotions in ourselves and others. Understanding what emotional intelligence is, and finding tools to navigate emotional challenges. Light bulb with EQ

  • What are emotions?
  • Which emotions do we experience often?
  • Emotional responsibility
  • Empathy
  • Providing and allowing support


Did you know that words are only 7% of our communication? Body language, voice tone, and wording are all aspects that influence how we receive the message. In this workshop, we go through the basics of speaking assertively and listening more openly. Speaking bubbles

  • Communication basics
  • Levels of listening
  • Assertiveness / expressing ideas clearly
  • Speaking on different levels
  • Dealing with conflict

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"Be the change you want to see in the world"

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2 Enthusiastic Trainers
75 min
Available in 4 languages
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Get to know the team

We are a group of dreamers who firmly believe that everyone has the power to shape their reality.

Simona Vasileva

Graphic designer and Illustrator, but she doesn’t stop there, she aspires to be a life coach. Any similarities with a glittery unicorn are pure coincidence.

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Helena Igel

Coach and facilitator, she is a dedicated explorer of the human experience. This insight seeker loves sunrises, movement, and above all, peanut butter. 

Alicia Güther

Supporting visionary thinkers and sustainable ideas while being passionate about growth stories. Always there for some good food and good company - especially while having deep conversations.

Carolina Greno

Psychologist and friend. Talker of talks and lover of cats. Enjoys questioning everything under the sun, and is the biggest cheerleader of everyone’s dreams.

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Julian Merten

Psychologist and Trainer. Curious to the bone has a yes mentality (feel free to test it). He is the guy next door who you feel you have known for ages.

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Leila Miadi

Mindfulness seedling, discovering positive psychology and coaching by day, addicted to podcast by night. Living by "sharing is caring", always.